Frequently Asked Questions

What is "plasmid"?

A small piece of looped DNA. Once it gets inside the cell it starting gene transcription in it (the gene can encode anything, not just the production of a certain substance); therefore, any drugs can be created in the future based on this our patient cutting edge technology.

How does it works

Your body gets a temporary genetic modification from the injected drug. Injection of exogenous protein is not needed, but our substance creates a mechanism inside the cell to create the desired protein.

What does the drug consist of?

Gen with looped DNA. In second part CpG motif has been included.

Role of CpG motif included

Has positive effects on immune system, reduces allergenic reactions and affects the reduction of tumors.

Which gene is added to circular DNA and what is its role?

The gene encodes a synthesized factor of any substance (for example, IGF-1), which begins to be produced in the cell and, getting from it into the bloodstream, begins its action.

What is the difference between plasmids and exogenous drugs?

Plasmid DNA works prolonged, for about 5 days, and also has a local effect in the area where injections has been made.

Benefits of local injection

You can inject the drug primarily into the muscles that you need and not get systemic side effects on the entire body.

Do plasmids work systemically (for the whole organism)

There is a systemic effect in plasmids use, but its less pronounced.

Are plasmids safe enough?

The injecterd DNA is not integrated into the cell genome , but exists for a long time as an episome (DNA ,separate from the genome), and is removed in the course of natural processes of cell renewal later, since the lifetime of the episome is limited. This body modification is temporary.

Side effects

Light allergic reactions are possible, as an increase in body temperature by 1 degree. They are not dangerous and do not require special treatment. They pass quickly.There is a certain percentage of people who get panic attacks (anxiety) after injections. This condition is stopped like any other panic attack.

Injection soreness

The injections can be painful, but the pain is usually not acute. It is the variety of norm, as the possible soreness with the introduction of other drugs, such as vitamins.

Muscle spasms after injections

The drug locally improves innervation. Due to this, muscle spasms may occur after injections.

How to use (injection)

Intramuscular injections 1 cm or deeper. Injections should take place every 5 days. The average cycle should be around 40 days.

Resistance (addictiveness)

Unlike growth hormone, plasmids do not cause resistance (addiction) in the body.

Multiple injetions

The effectiveness of the drug increases by 150-200% if multiple injections around tagret area been made(3-4 injections minimum)

Is it detectable on doping tests

At the moment, there is no way in the world to detect it as doping in blood or urine. Only 1-2 laboratories around the world can do this, and then only in a research format.

Approved combinations

Plasmid preparations can be combined both with each other and with other drugs, depending on the purpose.

Storage temperature

The ideal storage temperature is +2 to +8 Celsius degrees

Expiration date

1 year

Storage conditions

The drug is sensitive to freezing and thawing. Freezing is not allowed. After defrosting, the structure of the molecule breaks and stops functioning.

Use accuracy

Also, the drug molecule can be damaged if the drug is pushed through the syringe needle by force to fast. Foam must not be allowed.

Transport system

A special transport system has been implemented in our drugs, which increases the efficiency by 10 times.


There are some substitute drugs in the world, but no one knows how effective they are. Their effectiveness is in doubt.

The use of similar products in medicine

Neovasculgen - the drug helps to create new blood vessels. You can buy it in Russian pharmacies.

Scientific evidence on plasmids

Approximately 1,000 pre-clinical and clinical studies have been conducted worldwide and human volunteers studies are now allowed. In the near future, we will see many plasmid drugs.


Increases efficiency by 25-50 times. On this method, you need to use a non-enhanced version of the products (without a transport system). The current amperage should be 180-200 volts (single impulse).