About Omstal Pharma

Omstal Pharma is an international pharmaceutical company with a laboratory situated in Switzerland. The company specializes in a narrow specific sector of innovative medical products. For example of our product line include such drugs as GFA and MVCD2, which have no analogues and substitutes in the world, as well as “Infrojet” - an IGF-protein drug that has already been proven in clinical practice and has been officially recommended as the first line therapy.

Main advantage of our company is our employees - professional scientists with extensive experience in the field of biotechnology that have access to the best laboratory equipment and most advanced tools.

Omstal Pharma headquarters located in Switzerland

Our team consists of certified professionals with proven scientific degrees who use the latest biotechnology discoveries in everyday practice to achieve amazing results! Using advanced technologies and meticulous computerized product quality control, we achieve the highest quality and unparalleled product purity for our customers.

Quality of our products has been proven by the highest European GMP standard certificates of conformity.

Randomized studies showed that, when products are used correctly, given effect will provide long-term benefits for wellness, physical health, recovery and performance.

Genetic engineering goes forward and every year it gains the trust of more and more people on earth and becomes a powerful tool not only in medicine, or sports, but also makes benefits for everyone who wants to take additional care of themselves, their appearance and health, and preserve their beauty and youth.

Our sincere desire is to make the world a better place by pushing the boundaries of science forward, to improve people's lives. This desire is expressed in the highest quality product that will work to make your life better!